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The main objective for establishing CDPS is to increase the national capacity for training, research and policy analysis in the area of population and development.
The specific objectives are:
- To increase the pool of men and especially women in the country who are trained in population studies at the level of Master of Arts, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in Population Studies. The human resources thus trained will have the necessary analytical skills to assist the Government in its effort to integrate population into development planning at all levels; and will be competent to work professionally on related tasks in the areas of research, policy analysis, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and training.
- To provide introductory and specialized short term training designed to enhance the job performance of selected officials of the Government of Nepal and Tribhuvan University Campuses where population studies is taught, and of officials from concerned NGOs, in their capacity as planners, educators, trainers, or as deliverers of social services.
- To conduct major research and policy analysis projects at the request of the Government of Nepal, United Nations and its specialized agencies in order to help these agencies in designing their policy strategies and implement and monitor their programme.
- To clarify the issues of population problems and policies in Nepal by organizing National Seminars and Workshops at CDPS bringing together policy makers, programme implementers, community leaders, technical experts, and researchers.
- To provide professional advisory services to the Government of Nepal, United Nations and its specialized agencies, NGOs, and to local communities in Nepal.
- To contribute to the heightened awareness of population and poverty issues in the country and their interrelations with human development through the publication of research reports, position papers, seminar proceedings, teaching aids and other materials.
- To work collaboratively and network with other related institutions in Nepal and other countries.

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