CDPS library supports it's academic and research programs providing the service to it's faculties and students and also welcomes all the users who are concerned and need with the information on demography

CDPS library is inherited with the department from the beginning of its establishment from 1992. In the beginning, the library was established with the support of the UNFPA project with keen initiation of the founder, head of the Department  Prof.Dr. Bal Kumar KC to promote and support the newly introducing subject, the population.

The library is totally a reference library so the books and other reading materials should be used within the library premises. The library has it’s collection specially on demography and demography supporting topics like Migration, Family planning, reproductive health, social justice, etc. The collections are basically books, journals, research papers, thesis and dissertations. The collections has been developed by purchasing and gift from different institutions and as personal donation. Library has it’s collection about 10, 000 volumes. Library has maintained different bibliographic databases for different collections like for books, research papers, thesis and dissertations, Nepali collections and UN collections.

The library collections under different title are available online in this website.